Why it works

For all enthusiasts of a BALANCED LIFE STYLE looking to achieve better excercise and relaxation results.

LUMBARWEAR® is the BEST Patented, seamless garment designed to promote stability and lumbar strength for long-term wellness

CORE STRENGTH, LUMBARWEAR® employs proprio-receptive training concepts used in occupational and physiotherapy to engage and strengthen core muscle groups..

CORE ACTIVATION. Proprio-reception is defined as "the sense of the body in space". Posture adjustments (proprio) through sensory integration (reception) are made as torso muscles are activated for improved balance and core strength development.

With the hustle and bustle of life today, we all appreciate ways of making life more comfortable. Innovative, yet practical, LUMBARWEAR® does just that. Somewhere in the region of 80% of the population have experienced some form of back pain in their lives; many of which are looking for an alternative to wearing rigid braces or lumbar belts, that can compress the body excessively and cause discomfort.

So, wearing @Lumbarwear you can:

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