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    LumbarWear® is the best  patented, seamless garment designed to promote stability and lumbar strength for long-term wellness

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    Seamless structure designed to promote stability and lumbar strength for long term wellness

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Be at your best with LUMBARWEAR® core precision underwear. Using the latest high performance technologies, our precision-fit seamless compression underwear is engineered to optimize and energize the body, from street to sport, work to weekend. 

LUMBARWEAR® 's unique properties brings the best qualities for wearers, encouraging better posture and building muscle strength in the lower back and abdominal region.



Baasys Study

Special Resarch of the benefits of the LUMBARWEAR® Gear

  • Garment developed to protect the lumbar area while exercising.
  • Better Muscle contraction when using LUMBARWEAR®.
  • Research: BAASYS Bio-mechanical Investigation Center (Barcelona, Spain).

CAR Study

Report about the LUMBARWEAR® Thermodynamic Properties

  • LUMBARWEAR® provides the best temperature conditions.
  • Better exercise conditions when using LUMBARWEAR®.
  • Research: CAR Olympic Training Center (Sant Cugat del Vallés, Spain).

Dr Cowalinsky

Clinical Evaluation of LUMBARWEAR®

  • Faster recuperation and improved perception of life.
  • Improved muscle recuperation when using LUMBARWEAR®.
  • Research: Director of the Institute of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation (Barcelona, Spain).


LUMBARWEAR® is for active people of all ages, who are seeking a high quality product that is practical, hygienic, comfortable, pleasant to wear, easy to look after and affordable. With a seamless structure, providing just the right level of flexible yet firm compression that activates the torso muscles without causing muscle atrophy, it protects supports and alleviates discomfort in the lumbar region.

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"After my third child and more than 30 pounds, I was a bit concerned about my back and getting back into shape. I received my first LUMBARWEAR® as a gift. With a lot of effort, I have lost most of weight and feel great."

Rocío (Madrid, Spain)

"I am extremely satisfied with my LUMBARWEAR® boxer short since it has helped me a great deal. It really supports my back and is simply great for my cycling and hiking. It has been of great comfort and has really helped with my confidence."

Carlos (Trieste, Italy)

"It really is like a second skin and it has relieved the tension in my back. I am very happy with my LUMBARWEAR® since it does not heat up and my postures have improved during my pilates classes."

Sarah (Paris, France)