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The company’s president, Ramon Torrent, inspired the first project because necessity is the mother of new inventions. An avid golfer, but suffering from back problems, Ramon underwent major surgery in an attempt to correct the situation, but unfortunately was still unable to play. After unsuccessfully searching the market for something that would provide the lower back support he needed to resume playing, he began developing his own garment.

As a leading textile engineer highly motivated to pursue his favourite sport, the first incarnation of LumbarWear was born and a year later it was selling successfully throughout Europe. To bring the product to a higher level of technological advancement, Ramon partnered with a small group of textile engineers in 2006. Together they invested their expertise and resources into the latest textile fabrication methods.

This led to patents for the LumbarWear® garments we see today.  Using X-Static Silver Yarn® and seamless technology, they have created a comfortable, lightweight “Second-Skin” that incorporates graduated compression technology. It not only provides lumbar support to relieve back pain, but also simultaneously builds abdominal muscles and promotes improved posture.

EVAPAT is constantly researching and developing new trends in textiles engineering and fashion.


Following you can find a list of FAQ that could be useful for your purchase. Please feel free to contact us via our CONTACT option if you have any other question not listed below, we will be delighted to assist you and help you with your purchase.

1. How can I order?: 

If you are unable to make your order through the steps on this site or you have any doubts, you can send us a message through our CONTACT option. We will do all we can to help you.

2. Secure Payment and Shipment:

Our website will re-direct you to PayPal, the most secure way of making a payment. We also have a merchant system linked to our bank that allows us to accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX cards.  Depending on the shipping address a shipping fee will be added to your order. Do look out for possible offers we make with free shipping when purchasing more than 2 units.  

3. Returns Policy: 

As this is an underwear garment, unfortunately we cannot accept returns. If your garment has a defect, please contact us and we will see that we send you a replacement.

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