Unique Garment

LUMBARWEAR® is a unique designed to improve health, well being and visible appearance.
Patented Technology.

LUMBARWEAR® promotes a better posture and helps to strengthen the musculature in the abdominal region, while protecting the lower back.

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Added Support

LUMBARWEAR® is designed to accompany its wearer day-in, day-out.  Already achieving great success across various countries in Europe, it is fast becoming a backs best friend.

LUMBARWEAR® protects, supports and relieves discomfort in the lumbar area caused by poor postures derived from working conditions.

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Whatever job you do, LUMBARWEAR® can be your back's best friend

For all enthusiasts of a BALANCED LIFE STYLE looking to achieve better comfort and back relief. Ideal for the person that has to sit in front of a computer for many hours, for the person that has to spend long periods of time driving, for the adventurer;  for all those whom for work reasons have to adopt uncomfortable postures that compromise the lumbar area.

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