Improved Comfort

For all enthusiasts of a BALANCED LIFE STYLE looking to achieve better exercise and relaxation results.

LUMBARWEAR®  is the best patented, seamless garment designed to promote stability and lumbar strength for long-term wellness

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With Yarn X-Static

LumbarWear® contains Silver Yarn X-Static® and is thermodynamic, breathable and offers natural odour protection and energy conduction. It is also machine washable so requires no special care. Designed to accompany its wearer day-in, day-out, LumbarWear® is fast becoming a back’s best friend. Once worn, you won’t want to leave home without.

A mix of high-tech spinning yarns, including silver X-Static yarn that is conductive and antibacterial. With the hustle and bustle of life today, we all appreciate ways to make life more comfortable. Innovative and practical, LUMBARWEAR® does exactly that

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Are you expecting?

LUMBARWEAR® results ideal for the post-partum period maintaining the abdominal muscles

Resulta reconfortante a la nueva mamá y mantiene todo en su sitio. Permite el lavado diario como cualquier otra prenda de ropa interior.

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